Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Whereis Navigator

I'm now working on the customer experience of Whereis Navigator, a mobile client to find your way around town. Here's a nice little flash demo of the existing version.
I think this is a really great product. Mounted in-car on a suitable device like a Blackberry Bold or an HTC Diamond it really does the job. For someone like me who doesn't really need a dedicated device it's great to have the option of using a device I already own and you can even use it on a "day-pass" for the price of a latte if you only want to pay for it occasionally.

As it's connected to the internet and GPS it will soon have live feeds of handy stuff like traffic incidents, cheapest fuel nearby and even public transport and flight connections. A handy piece of software that works well when you need it and doesn't clutter up your life when you don't.

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