Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Web & technology trends for 2009

2008 is coming to an end and various publications will be getting out their crystal balls to make wild predictions about what the buzz-techs of 2009 will be.

Here's my look into 2009, along with a look back at developments in 21st century technology (funny how 21st century technology used to conjure up images of spaceships and sci-fi). It's quite amazing to see how far we've come in less than a decade.

So, in no particular order, in 2009 I think we'll hear a lot about:
  1. Open ID (because we're all sick of id's)
  2. Google Android
  3. GPS based apps (because it'll hit critical mass this year and we're all looking for the killer location based app)
  4. Web based storage (because we all have too much love invested in our digital media)
  5. Cloud computing/SAAS (MS Office released in browser this year, along with IE8)
  6. Windows 7
  7. Touch interfaces (because Apple has shown us how enjoyable they can be)
  8. IPTV (because it's time, the tech is finally here)
  9. Social networking aggregation (because putting our photos on one site, video on another etc and having multiple logins and lists of friends is just plain silly)
  10. iPhone and iPhone pretenders (some things don't change so quickly)


William said...

Thanks David, what is the status of mobile wallet regulations and providers in AU?

David Bradford said...

Testing has been carried out with much success. http://www.nowwearetalking.com.au/news/trial-of-mobile-phone-payments-a-success-085

smdaniel said...

nail on the head. where are the updates?

David Bradford said...

smdaniel. Thanks for asking, update posted today http://davidbradford.blogspot.com/2010/11/next-evolution-of-internet.html

Matt said...

Any chance of updating this great diagram David?

David Bradford said...

I'll have a go at updating this for new year I think. Interesting to look at those in the future in 2008, many of them have become mainstream this year.