Monday, 12 April 2010

Initial T-Hub press coverage

After sneak previews this week (pictured), Telstra's new T-Hub received coverage on Today Tonight (video) alongside the iPad, Star Trek gadgetry and Back to the Future's hover board.
It has also received a favourable Cnet first impressions review in which the challenge of making the home phone cool was compared with the challenge of resurrecting John Travolta's career pre Pulp Fiction.

Watch for imminent product launch and media campaign, press reports now rolling out.

14 April. Also in the Herald Sun New touch-screen phone at home

14 April. The Age. Telstra joins iPad fray (a little misleading when you compare price, is approximately akin to comparing a Ford Fiesta against a Ford Mondeo).

14 April. Herald Sun gadget pullout. Home phone not dead yet. Pictured below, including 5 star review.
14 April. SmartCompany, Telstra introduces tablet home phone device called T-Hub, but denies it's aimed at the iPad

14 April The Australian. Telstra puts fate in T-Hub

20 April, launch day Review from Gadget Guy (video)

20 April Start of the TV ad campaign (video)

25 April, comprehensive and balanced review from ITWire

20 May, David Thodey announces we have sold 10,000 units in first month

28 May, CRN review

Also heaps of Twitter buzz in a neat video, some good, some bad, that's life.

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