Monday, 18 July 2011

Aussies online

Good Aussie stats are rare indeed, particularly unbiassed ones.

ACMA has recently published "The internet services market and Australians in the online environment" which offers good local data with no hidden agenda and a strong sample size.

Some highlights from my own notes:

10.4 million active internet subscribers in Aus (up 17% for year)
8.2 million mobile handsets (up 21%)
83% of Aussies online, of which 74% daily
$143 billion in online orders last year (up 15%)
3.5 million Aussies interested in Internet TV
2.5 million interested in video call by TV
2.3 million went online to do a VOIP call in month of Dec 2010
8. Data downloaded over mobile up some 462% last year but still 91% of overall data is downloaded by fixed line

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