Sunday, 3 July 2011

On blaming the client

In our industry a poor workman can't really blame his tools so the client is (all too) often framed. Client bagging is tiring to hear and in the long run it can only paint UX in a bad light.
Jordan Julien from UX Magazine offers some well presented strategies for getting the most from different types of client.

You're not a UX designer if you can't work well with your client. UX is not just about the user it's about internal relationships and doing good business too. As Paul Boag rightly points out;

"The truth is that
business objectives should trump users’ needs every time. Generating a return on investment is more important for a website than keeping users happy". Paul Boag.

Read more in his excellent, flame-inviting Smashing Magazine article reminding some in UX to look beyond their monitor and yes, even the user from time to time.

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